Custom Sublimated Ice Hockey Uniforms Made in USA

October 11, 2013

When it comes to sports uniforms, there’s no substitution for quality. In order to withstand rugged play throughout the sports season, uniforms must be of quality materials and craftsmanship. Ice hockey uniforms, in particular, will only endure if they are of the highest caliber.

Ice hockey is well known for being a tough and swift moving sport. Players need uniforms that are durable for long lasting use, flexible so as not to restrict their movements and attractive to reflect well on their team. U.S. custom made uniforms perfectly fit this bill.

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Benefits of Custom Made Uniforms

Custom made ice hockey uniforms will make your high school or college team stand out from the crowd. By purchasing American made uniforms, you can be assured of premium craftsmanship that will last. American athletic uniform manufacturer Cisco, Inc. is well known for providing world class custom uniforms to sports teams around the globe. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for supplying quality merchandise promptly and at reasonable costs.

When you opt for customized ice hockey uniforms, you and your team can have them designed to your personal preference and specifications. It's important to choose a quality manufacturer with a creative and experienced team that can provide you with original uniform designs. Working with a local American manufacturer gives you the opportunity to communicate your needs more directly and receive faster services and results. You can even ask the company to provide you with free mockups of original designs for your approval before completing your order.

Customization gives you greater control over your uniform style and design. You also have the option of choosing from a wider selection of fabric, color combinations, decorations and size for the uniforms you desire. With Cisco, Inc., your ice hockey uniforms are manufactured in American factories located in the U.S. for greater convenience and speed in receiving your order. You can also avail yourself of Cisco's expertise to help you choose uniform fabrics, styles and designs to complement your climate, team's experience and financial budget.

Cisco technicians are experts in customization techniques to include sublimation, screen printing, Swiss embroidery and tackle twill. With sublimation, colors and graphics are applied to the fabric simultaneously for a perfect match every time. Although this method is more costly than screen printing, it works beautifully for virtually any type of graphics with permanent results.

What to Look for in an Ice Hockey Uniform

Because ice hockey is a rough, contact sport, uniforms must be up to par when it comes to strength and durability so they can endure the season and beyond. Uniform fabrics should also be lightweight and pliable so players can maneuver quickly and easily on the ice. Fabrics such as stretch mesh provide players with greater mobility as the uniform conforms to and moves in unison with the body, helping to enhance a player’s performance. Uniform fabrics should also contribute to keeping players cool and dry on the ice.

Craftsmanship also comes into play when looking for a quality ice hockey uniform. Poor craftsmanship will result in shoddy looking uniforms after just a few games. In contrast, uniforms with reinforced shoulders and elbows and double stitching along the seams and on the hems will last longer and continue to look sharp for the duration of the season. Sublimation of customized decorations, lettering and emblems or direct stitching onto the jersey will ensure your designs endure longer after much play.

Athletic uniforms are an investment into your team’s future. When you purchase custom made ice hockey uniforms manufactured in the U.S., you can be assured of getting the most for your money. Cisco, Inc., can supply your school, club or recreational sports team with quality athletic uniforms manufactured to your specification. Their experience and expertise enables them to provide you with high quality merchandise to meet your team's need. Cisco uniforms are built for endurance, performance and attractive appearance for a more professional reflection on your team.


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