This is where your order begins. You have selected from one of our vast array of quality athletic fabrics that we stock in all of the popular athletic colors. Your order is professionally cut in the exact sizes and to the exact specifications that you indicated. The various pieces of your garments are then bundled together and tagged and will remain together for the remainder of the production process.

175_samples_smA Cloth

Sublimation only. Soft and comfortable and sublimates beautifully. Might be our most attractive sublimation fabric. Not very durable and can “pick” or “pull” in the wrong circumstances. Seems to work best for indoor, non-contact uses like basketball, volleyball, etc.

432_samples_smB Cloth

This is our best baseball fabric but also the most expensive. Has decent stretch and is pretty comfortable. Screen prints well since it is nylon. Cannot be sublimated.

433_samples_smC Cloth

Our least expensive non-mesh fabric. Generally not heavy enough for baseball/softball pant use except in youth. Works fine for tops. White sublimates well and colors can be screen printed with poly ink. Heavy enough for tackletwill as well. Available in many colors.

434_samples_smC4 Cloth

We have the white and grey made in dye lots and carry the colors as well. The white and grey are a little nicer. Heavier, more stretch and a softer hand then regular C cloth. The white sublimates fine. Is heavy enough for baseball or softball pants and for tackletwill. Our most popular pant material.

435_samples_smD1/D2 Cloth

Stocked in white or grey with various color pinstripes. A nice weight of polyester with a soft comfortable feel. Used almost exclusively for baseball or softball. Heavy enough for pants and for tackletwill.

436_samples_smE Cloth

This is an improved version of the old porthole with the holes that were too big. This is a nicer fabric. The holes are now small enough that it can be screen printed with clarity. Not much stretch but very durable. The white is polyester and the colors are nylon.

437_samples_smF Cloth

This is the polyester version of the nylon Pro Mesh that was very popular years ago. The nylon version is now too expensive and this polyester version is a nice alternative. It needs to be screen-printed with poly ink but has decent stretch and can hold tackletwill as well.

438_samples_smH Cloth

Our most popular football jersey fabric that we now use for many other sports as well. The white is polyester and the colors are nylon. Has a slight “sheen” and a small amount of stretch. Very durable and handles sublimation, screen printing and tackletwill just fine.

439_samples_smH7 Cloth

This is a 70 denier version of our H Cloth. It is constructed of polyester in all colors and is our least expensive fabric of any kind. We use this fabric almost exclusively for 2-ply shorts and reversible practice jerseys. It can be screen printed and sublimated.

440_samples_smI Cloth

Heavyweight fabric that is primarily used for football jersey yokes only now. Too heavy for most other uses. Almost no stretch. The white is polyester and the colors are nylon. Sublimates well.

441_samples_smI5 Cloth

Much more versatile then the Premium Dazzle. Still no stretch but more sheen and a weight that is much more comfortable to use with basketball as well as many other sports. The white is polyester and the colors are nylon. The white sublimates very well and it is also heavy enough for tackletwill.

442_samples_smJ Cloth

Lightweight tricot fabric that is used primarily for track. The white is polyester and the colors are nylon. The white sublimates well. We also use this fabric for a lightweight lining in jerseys and shorts when needed.

443_samples_smK Cloth

Lightweight polyester mesh that is used for track only. Used to be very popular in some track styles but used rarely now.

444_samples_smL Cloth

White is 92/8 poly/spandex and colors are 92% nylon. This is our most expensive fabric but it makes an excellent football pant. We use this primarily for football pants and side inserts on football jerseys. This is NFL weight Lycra. This has the most stretch of our 3 Lycras but is really too heavy for uses other then football. We can sublimate it or embroider it but it doesn’t work with screen printing or tackletwill.

445_samples_smL5 Cloth

White is 92/8 poly/spandex and colors are 92% nylon. Less weight and less stretch then Premium Lycra. Still heavy enough for many football uses if you need to meet a price. Many companies use this weight as their heavy Lycra. Can also be used for wrestling but is usually a little too heavy. We can sublimate it or embroider it but it doesn’t work with screen printing or tackletwill.

446_samples_smM Cloth

Sublimation only. In our opinion this is the perfect wrestling fabric. It also makes a nice lightweight top, particularly in snug fit, for a variety of sports. Generally speaking, this fabric is too light to be used in shorts. This fabric is for sublimation only.

447_samples_smP Cloth

100% nylon fabric. Cannot be sublimated. Used primarily for outerwear. Can be screen printed but works best with embroidery.

448_samples_smQ Cloth

Sublimation only. This is a new polyester mesh that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is lightweight enough that it could be used for premium quality 2-ply jerseys and shorts. It is soft and comfortable and has a little more stretch then most meshes. It would also make a nice lightweight single-ply jersey.

449_samples_smY Cloth

Sublimation only. This fabric is a new, soft mock mesh type fabric that we have in white only. It is extremely comfortable and even has enough stretch to use in snug fit products. Like A Cloth, this material sublimates beautifully but we believe it to be best suited for indoor and non-contact situations.

450_samples_smZ Cloth

We buy 2 different grades of this fabric. The sublimated version that we have in white is superior to the fabric that we have in colors. They are all 100% polyester and are very soft and comfortable. Z Cloth is considered a “mock mesh” and has good (not great) stretch. It can be screen-printed with poly ink. Particularly when sublimated, this fabric works well for almost any non-contact sport.