Top 5 College Football Uniforms Of 2016

November 28, 2016

We could argue every day of the week, and twice on Saturday, about the top college football uniforms. If you talked to a dozen people, you would get a dozen different answers for which team has the top uniform in NCAA Football. Does this mean there are no clear-cut “best” uniforms? Not quite. In order to narrow things down, we decided to pull together five of the best uniform updates for the 2016 college football season. Is your team on the list?

No. 5: University of Oregon — Duck Series

The University of Oregon football program routinely gets uniform updates, but the 2016 upgrade — the Duck Series — already has won us over. The Duck Series uniform pays homage to the new school initiative, “Once a Duck, Always a Duck.” The uniforms include green leggings, white pants, and a green and yellow top. Our favorite quirk is the orange facemask that all players now possess. Photo shoots of the new uniform already have been done in tandem with their classic mascot. It’s pretty clear that the school is fully embracing the Duck. How can we blame them? It’s a great uniform for the program and will keep fans glued to the television at home.

No. 4: University of South Carolina — Black on Black

The South Carolina Gamecocks are getting a complete overhaul with their black-on-black uniform. As far as custom football uniforms go, we figure these should play well with Gamecocks audiences. These black uniforms could give South Carolina an edge. While it is true that black uniforms can look lazy, we don’t really see that as a concern here. The black-on-black series should give South Carolina a boost of confidence when the team takes the field, and it should also spark a bit of fear in opponents.

No. 3: University of Notre Dame — Shamrock Series

Since 2009, the Fighting Irish have been coming up with custom college football uniforms for their “Shamrock Series” game. The uniforms that Notre Dame trots out for these games can be hit or miss, but the 2016 edition seems to be hitting all of the right notes. The foundation of the uniform is an olive Under Armour jersey, but we love the gold helmets the most. A closer look at the helmets reveals a hand-painted, detailed rendition of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Notre Dame’s campus. Underneath the logo reads, “God, Country, Notre Dame.”

No. 2: University of Louisville — Red Chrome

Crafting a winning look around the Louisville Cardinal logo can be tough. What we like about the new line of helmets, the red chrome variation, is that the designers seem to have thrown their hands in the air and said, “Let’s just make it shine.” Chrome helmets look great on television, and the red color pops on camera. This is the style of uniform that will get kids interested in the program when they are relaxing on a Saturday afternoon watching the games.

No. 1: University of Michigan — Jordan Brand

Michigan’s newest uniform fully embraces the Michael Jordan “Jumpman” brand while retaining the traditional uniform’s essence. Michigan’s is a storied program that believes in evolution as much as tradition, and that’s what has us so psyched about this new look. There are only a few stylistic differences between the Jordan upgrade and the old adidas one, but they are worth mentioning. First, you’ll notice that the font for the numbers is different — it’s thicker. The emboldened numbers and the stylized font should recall the 1934 uniforms (for old-school fans, at least). You’ll also notice that the yellow is slightly brighter, thus making the uniform look more modern and updated while still retaining its classic feel.


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