Custom Adult And Youth Flag Football Jerseys

When you’re looking for custom flag football uniforms for your adult or youth teams, Cisco Athletic is the place to go! Our large catalog of products includes all kinds of customization options for you and your players. You can buy one of our traditional uniforms - shown on the "Football Jerseys" and "Football Pants" pages. Your second choice is to pick one of our custom flag football jerseys shown on this page. They are made from the same quality fabrics, but designed without pads for a more athletic fit. Take your pick of print, color and style! Whether you’re looking for youth flag football jerseys that you can customize to your team or adult flag football jerseys that you can buy as is, we can help. Our uniforms offer the same level of quality that you’d find in any top college or high school team, whether they’re traditional styles or fully customized.

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Flag Football: A Sport For All Ages

Offering all the competitive fun and action of football without the constant tackling, flag football appeals to adults and kids alike. Players learn all the basics of the game, without putting their bodies on the line in the process. At Cisco Athletic, we create youth and adult flag football jerseys to outfit flag football players with quality gear while on the field.

Flag Football Tips for Novice Players

When you’re new to the game of flag football, you’ll feel a step ahead of things when you follow some key tips:

  • Strategy is king. Flag football is all about strategy, so instead of just running toward the ball, work with your team members to establish a specific plan for wearing down the other team’s defense and making plays.
  • Try new techniques. Especially when you’re new to the game and season, have fun trying new ideas and seeing what works. Experiment with plays to see what is most successful, and keep learning from the process.
  • Practice throws. One crucial skill in flag football is the spiral throw. Practice this throw by holding the ball at the back, keeping your elbow near your body and the ball by your ear, and then throwing toward a target.
  • Learn how to pull the flag. Remember the goal of the game is to pull the flag, and keep that as a priority in your plays.

Have a question about flag football uniforms? Give us a call at 1-800-437-1757 and we'll be glad to answer it for you. We can even lend you a sample or e-mail you a free mock-up of your uniform so that you can see exactly how it would look.