Custom Basketball Uniforms

Cisco Athletic makes quality basketball uniforms for both adult men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as youth teams. We can provide uniforms for your college program or your youth travel team, and anything in between. We have provided basketball uniforms for the hit television show “One Tree Hill” and have created uniforms for a Powerade promotion featuring LeBron James.

    Game Uniforms

    Style and quality are particularly important for game-day uniforms when your men’s or women’s team needs to put its best foot forward. We put careful consideration into the materials, construction and look of game uniforms. Plus, you can choose from numerous colors and patterns to match your team colors and to add personality. Browse Game Uniforms.

  • Reversible Jerseys and Custom Basketball Shorts
  • We offer reversible custom basketball jerseys in various colors and patterns. This option gives you stunning design and quality, while helping your team save money. One side could work for a home game while the other is designated for away games. We have the custom basketball shorts to go with the jerseys for a complete custom uniform. Browse Reversible Jerseys.

  • AAU Jerseys
  • We create men’s and women’s jerseys for community-based AAU teams. These adult or youth basketball uniforms are completely customizable, with a range of solid colors and patterns. Browse AAU Jerseys

  • Youth Basketball Uniforms
  • We provide boys’ and girls’ youth basketball uniforms for schools and community teams. Your youth teams can have the right sizes and features to fit the particular needs of different age groups. Browse Youth Uniforms

  • Practice and Warm-Up Gear and Accessories
  • In addition to game uniforms, we manufacture a full line of quality practice gear, warm-ups and even basketball accessories. All are produced following the same strict quality standards as the game uniforms. We help you create uniforms for practice sessions as well as warm-ups and basketball shooting shirts. Our color and pattern options help your team stand out in style just as much during practice and warm-ups as during games. Coach’s shirts and equipment bags are among the accessories available. Browse Practice Gear

  • Camo Uniforms
  • Camouflage-style uniforms can be created for any basketball team that wants to make a bold statement. Comfort is not sacrificed when you select this rugged look. Browse Camo Uniforms

  • Performance and ‘One Tree Hill’ Uniforms
  • In addition to the uniforms we create for serious basketball games, we are able to make replica jerseys and uniforms for performances. Are you a fan of “One Tree Hill”? We offer replica uniforms like the ones we created for the show. You can purchase a “One Tree Hill” uniform as a tribute to your favorite character. Browse “One Tree Hill” Uniforms

Unique Basketball Uniform Features

Features specific to each of our products will be highlighted on the individual product pages, but all of our uniforms are custom made and printed in our factory. We offer screen-printing, embroidery and tackletwill, and we now specialize in state-of-the-art sublimation as well. We sell these top-of-the-line athletic uniforms directly to our customers without any middleman.