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Reversible Uniforms

Custom-Made Reversible Basketball Jerseys

Reversible basketball jerseys are popular with AAU teams as well as in summer leagues and recreation leagues.  They are more cost-effective and convenient than having multiple uniform variations.  At Cisco, we've been making reversible basketball jerseys for many years and we can help you design the idea jersey for your team.  We'll then manufacture it and ship it to you quickly.

At Cisco, all of our uniforms are Made in the USA using top-quality materials.  We know you wouldn't skimp out on your preparation for the season, and so we promise not to skimp when it comes to what you wear while crushing your opponent.

Top of the line, custom-made basketball uniforms might not help you win but it's a fact that you play better when you're proud of the way you look. The basketball uniforms you wear when you play can sometimes make a statement about the way you play.

All of our basketball game uniforms are custom-made, in your choice of several fabrics, and are cut on professional patterns that are constantly updated to reflect the latest look. You can choose from many neck and sleeve styles and can specify the inseam lengths of your shorts.

As important as the construction of the basketball uniforms themselves is the way that they are decorated. We offer in-house screen-printing, tackletwill and embroidery and now specialize in sublimation; which is the near-perfect way to emblazon basketball.

If you have any questions about any of our custom-made reversible basketball uniforms, please give us a call at (410) 325-4800 or fill out our quote request form.


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