Lettering & Numbering

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Athletic Wear Lettering Options

Decorating players’ uniforms with their team logo, name and/or number increases confidence and team spirit, which helps to improve performance. When it comes to graphics and lettering capabilities, Cisco Athletic enjoys a national reputation for quality. We offer professional-quality screen printing, Swiss embroidery, tackle twill and appliqué work, and we can combine several of these processes to achieve the look you want. We use your design or create one for you, and you can approve the final copy before anything is printed.

A word about our lettering capabilities:

  • We use only the finest-quality inks, threads and twill.
  • We specialize in “athletic” lettering. We know the look you want.
  • Individual names are screen printed or tackle twill (the professional way).
  • All our lettering is permanent. We do not heat-seal.
  • Our lettering is held to the same strict standards as our uniforms.

Lettering Font Types

Numbering Styles

Lettering for Sublimation

Sublimation is a process that allows us almost unlimited creativity, as it permits us to create pretty much whatever lettering style you want. In sublimation, the colors, pattern and lettering are applied at the same time to white fabric, which is then cut and sewn into your uniforms. No weight is added, and the graphics and lettering never peel or fade.

Lettering for Screen Printing

Screen printing involves applying a plastic-based ink to your garment(s) and then “curing” it by subjecting the ink to high temperatures in our conveyor dryers. This produces a durable, permanent imprint that lasts for years. The graphics capabilities with screen printing are almost limitless. If you don’t see your preferred lettering style above, we have hundreds more!

Lettering for Tackle Twill

We produce tackle twill lettering and designs by cutting heavyweight polyester twill and sewing these directly onto your garments. We use the heaviest, most colorfast twill (the same twill used by Major League Baseball), and all lettering and designs are cut in-house on our computerized, laser-cutting equipment. This capability gives us the potential to produce tackle twill designs in almost the same unlimited variety as with screen printing and embroidery.

Lettering for Swiss Embroidery

In the Swiss embroidery process, computerized sewing machines and specialized thread are used to apply your design directly to your garment. One machine can produce 15 garments at the same time and the variety of lettering and logos is almost unlimited. We can also embroider individual names and/or numbers via this process.

Lettering for Appliqué

Combining tackle twill and Swiss embroidery creates appliqué designs. Your design is produced from tackle twill and then highlighted and/or attached to the garment with a “satin” stitch from our computerized embroidery machines. The result is a very classic, custom-made product that produces a look unlike anything else. As with our other lettering methods, the possibilities are almost endless.

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