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Custom Basketball Team Uniform Styles and Options

Basketball uniforms have changed dramatically in the 25 years that we’ve been manufacturing them. Basketball uniforms are a fashion statement now, but that doesn’t change the fact that the uniforms still need to be comfortable, high-quality and durable, and well-fitting.  Cisco’s custom uniforms are all that and so much more — we do whatever it takes to provide team uniforms in your preferred cut, fabric, color, design and method of decoration, and we bend over backward to get them to you quickly. In line with our commitment to quality and customization, Cisco is proud to offer a wide range of options for teams looking to elevate their game. Our custom basketball uniforms are meticulously crafted to meet the exact specifications of each team, ensuring both style and functionality are seamlessly integrated. At Cisco, we believe that uniforms should reflect their team's identity, so we encourage that you unleash your creativity and create custom basketball uniforms that do just that. Whatever graphic, logo, or colors you choose, we can make it for you!  And for those seeking the latest in uniform technology, Cisco specializes in sublimated basketball uniforms. Using state-of-the-art sublimation techniques, we ensure vibrant, fade-resistant designs that withstand the demands of intense gameplay. Whether you're competing at the highest level or just starting out, our sublimated uniforms offer unparalleled performance and durability. With Cisco, you're not just getting a uniform — you're getting a competitive edge. Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the premier choice for teams of all levels. Experience the difference with Cisco custom basketball uniforms and take your team to new heights.

Basketball Uniforms

Cisco Athletic makes quality custom basketball jerseys and custom youth and adult basketball uniforms. Whether you're outfitting a college program, an intramural team, or a youth travel squad, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our experience extends to providing sportswear for adult recreational leagues and other sports-related endeavors. Notably, we've had the honor of producing basketball uniforms for high-profile projects such as the hit television show One Tree Hill and a PowerAde commercial featuring LeBron James.

Basketball teams have a wide variety of needs when it comes to sportswear — from high school and youth leagues to AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) youth and college recruiting teams. Our AAU uniforms, which are reversible, meet today’s demands for a game jersey look and feel. Our basketball jerseys are the highest quality in the reversible market. Made from durable yet ultra light fabrics, our garments are not weighted down by being two-ply.  As a USA-based basketball uniform manufacturer, we take great pride in the quality of our craftsmanship.

Cisco’s one-sided game uniforms are also lightweight and limitlessly customizable. Whether you're looking to add player names or team logos to your uniforms, our design team ensures that every detail reflects your team's identity. With our guarantee of quality and satisfaction, you can rest assured that your custom basketball uniforms will exceed your expectations.

Sublimation printing allows us to print any design you can imagine, while ensuring that garments, whether one- or two-ply, remain as lightweight as possible. Our customized sublimated basketball jerseys are among our top request products. Each sublimated basketball uniform is made to your exact order specifications. We fulfill orders everyday from College Teams, Military Teams and AAU Teams, Rec Leagues (YMCA, CYO, Upward Basketball, et.c), to High Schools wanting to show support for a special cause.

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For teams looking to stand out on the court, our create custom basketball jerseys service allows for limitless creativity. Utilizing state-of-the-art sublimation printing technology, we bring your unique designs to life with stunning clarity and precision. From bold patterns to intricate graphics, our custom basketball uniforms and jerseys are tailored to your vision. If you have questions about our sublimated uniforms contact us or submit your design and get a free quote!

Basketball Shorts and Shooting Shirts

When it comes to outfitting basketball teams, we understand the importance of attention to detail. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions beyond just jerseys and uniforms. Our range includes high-performance basketball shorts designed for agility and comfort on the court, as well as basketball shooting shirts for warm-ups and practice sessions. With our commitment to providing complete apparel solutions, teams can trust us for all their on-court needs.

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In addition to custom-made, professional-quality game uniforms, Cisco also manufactures and supplies a full line of quality practice gears, uniforms, warm-ups and basketball uniform accessories. Practice uniforms consists of a reversible mesh jersey and mesh shorts; accessories include coach’s shirts, tees and sweats, equipment bags and many other items.

Made in the USA, Cisco makes custom shooting shirts and accessories to match your team’s style and colors. Avoid a color mismatch between your warmups and your uniforms by ordering complete custom basketball team uniform packages.

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Stock Uniforms and Accessories

Need your uniforms quickly? We generally create and ship custom uniforms in two to four weeks, but if you need them even faster than that, consider ordering one of our stock products from our large list of vendors, including Under Armour® — and let us customize your stock basketball uniforms with your team colors and design.

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