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A Full Lineup of Custom Jerseys and Uniforms

Our Custom Field Hockey Uniforms and Jerseys Are a Hit With Players

Cisco Athletic is a manufacturer of high-quality custom field hockey uniforms and accessories for girls’ high school teams in the USA. Outside the U.S., both men and women play field hockey, while in the U.S., the players are almost exclusively women and girls.

Field hockey uniforms have changed a great deal. Traditional field hockey uniforms consisted of a polo-style shirt made from heavy cotton and a wool plaid wraparound kilt — and, as you might imagine, they were hot and bulky. Today’s uniform is much more comfortable, practical and stylish. Modern players wear garments made from lightweight fabrics like polyester and nylon, allowing them to move without restriction while staying cool.

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Team Up With Cisco for Field Hockey Uniforms

Our custom field hockey uniforms have been designed after consultation with some of the most knowledgeable people in the sport. Cisco offers you a wide variety of jerseys, shorts and kilts — from basic, budget-friendly styles to garments constructed from state-of-the-art, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial and lightweight fabrics. Choose poly, Lycra® or mesh uniforms in regular (loose) or snug (tight) fit. Select your armhole option: sleeveless, racerback, cap sleeve or quarter sleeve.

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Outfit Your Team in Style With Customization

At Cisco, you can design your own custom hockey uniforms and apparel. We can decorate your custom field hockey jerseys in several ways. Our lettering and numbering are held to the same strict standards as the uniforms themselves. Just as importantly, we cut, sew and customize your field hockey uniforms and get them in your hands in a timely fashion.

While Cisco offers screen printing and tackle twill decoration methods, these processes can often weigh down a uniform, making it difficult for your players to move as freely as their competitors. That’s why, when it comes to customizing field hockey uniforms and jerseys, we recommend sublimation.

Sublimation printing allows you to customize lightweight garments using absolutely any colors, patterns and graphics. In sublimation, the color of the fabric and the design are applied at the same time to a piece of white fabric. The perfectly printed fabric is then cut and sewn. You can create tie-dye, camo or any other design you and your team can imagine. You get lightweight yet durable uniforms that look amazing and that your players are proud to wear.

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Do you need your uniforms very soon? If you need your field hockey jerseys or uniforms shipped in under two to four weeks, you may want to consider ordering your garments from our selection of stock products made by a long list of vendors, including Under Armour®, Champion and Alleson Athletic — and letting Cisco customize your stock field hockey uniforms with your team colors, players’ numbers and design.

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