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Gear Up With Quality Custom Ice Hockey Team Uniforms

Cisco Athletic is a leading manufacturer of first-rate custom ice hockey uniforms and jerseys for high schools, colleges, clubs and team leagues. Our uniforms are custom-made to your specifications, and are manufactured here in the USA. We offer ice hockey uniforms in a variety of fabrics and can decorate them as you see fit.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone With Customized Ice Hockey Jerseys

Cisco’s durable, customizable hockey jerseys can be decorated using tackle twill or sublimation. With sublimation, we can take our standard ice hockey jersey and turn it into literally hundreds of unique designs — even camouflage hockey jerseys and shirts.

At Cisco, we specialize in sublimation printing. Unlike tackle twill, sublimation does not add weight to the jersey. We use this method to customize lightweight garments using any colors and any pattern, no matter how outrageous. Are you looking for tie-dye, camo or uniquely designed jerseys? We can do that! We take your design and apply it to white fabric, so the color and design are put on the fabric at the same time, ensuring long-lasting, perfectly matched colors on a comfortable jersey that permits total freedom of movement. After printing, your custom-designed fabric is then cut and sewn into the amazing jerseys and uniforms you want.

If you prefer a more traditional look, Cisco has screen printing, tackle twill and embroidery capabilities as well. Crests can be added to jerseys using a combination of stitched embroidery and twill appliqué. We do all decorating, numbering and lettering right here in our factory, so you know that these processes are held to the same strict standards to which we hold our custom jerseys and uniforms.

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Let Us Assist You With Stock Uniforms (FAST DELIVERY)

Are you already in overtime when it comes to your uniforms? We ship our custom ice hockey team jerseys and uniforms within two to four weeks, but if you need your garments sooner, you can order game and practice ice hockey uniforms and jerseys from our selection of stock products. Our stock uniforms are supplied by many well-known vendors, including Under Armour® and Alleson Athletic. Cisco expertly customizes stock garments with whatever design options, lettering and numbering you desire.

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