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Custom Uniform Order Fulfillment

Every custom garment that Cisco Athletic manufactures is truly “made from scratch.” All are generously cut and expertly assembled in America, by American workers. As specialists in the custom athletic business, we carry only the finest athletic fabrics, regardless of cost, and our inventory includes all the colors any team could possibly want. But the quality doesn’t stop there — all printing, embroidery and tackle twill work is done on premises and held to the same exacting standards as the garments themselves.

At Cisco, our attention to detail in every aspect of production — from cutting, sewing and printing through packing and shipping — is evidence that we hold our products and service to the highest standards. Your garments will not leave our factory unless we would wear them ourselves!

Final Assembly

Your order is not fully assembled (sewn) until all decoration is complete. Why does Cisco do this? First, working with flat (unassembled) pieces allows us to produce a print quality that is far superior to that which could be achieved on completed garments. Second, if we make a mistake, we can simply cut another piece and reprint it — without having to totally redo the garment. Because our competitors do not do this, we gain a competitive edge in terms of assembly time, allowing us to deliver your uniforms more quickly.

American craftsmen assemble garments in our factory using only the finest threads, zippers, buttons and more, regardless of cost. When the sewing is complete, your order is inspected once more, and if it is not perfect, it is disassembled and sewn again.


Your order is inspected and counted one last time before being prepared for delivery. After your garments are checked and cleaned of any stains and loose threads, they are steam pressed, folded and professionally boxed into our Cisco boxes. We ship orders daily via UPS, and all boxes contain a detailed packing list with a thorough accounting of your order.

Our goal is to get your merchandise to you quickly. Depending on our workload, we usually ship within two to four weeks of order placement. And we can sometimes do rush orders in as little as one week by putting your custom uniform order on the fast track!

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