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Swing Into High Gear With Custom Golf Team Uniforms, Shirts and Polos

Cisco Athletic makes and decorates quality, durable, custom golf uniforms for men’s and women’s teams at all levels. We understand that golfers’ garments must be comfortable and flexible enough to help players achieve that perfect swing. Based on research and study, Cisco proficiently designs golf team uniforms with golfers in mind. Our lightweight, comfortable, multiple-stretch, wrinkle-resistant and odor-eliminating uniforms allow golfers to play at their best. In fact, you could say that at Cisco, optimal performance is our driving force.

The right clothing is perhaps more important in golf than in any other sport. Golf etiquette helps maintain the game’s tradition, and as part of this, many courses and clubs enforce a dress code. Requirements may vary among golf teams and courses, but proper attire is fairly standard.

  • Men’s Golf Uniforms Players on men’s golf teams wear collared shirts or custom golf team polos made from cotton, polyester or microfiber fabric. Shorts have a flat or pleated front, and must be knee-length; cotton and khaki are acceptable materials. Golf pants do not have cuffs, as they can pick up dirt and grass as golfers traverse the course. Jeans, jean shorts, basketball shorts and running shorts are not allowed.
  • Women’s Golf Uniforms Women’s golf shirts are sleeved or sleeveless and may have collars, but regardless of the chosen style, the top must be modestly designed. T-shirts and tank tops are generally prohibited. Most women choose custom golf team polo-style shirts with collars. Women are allowed to wear long pants, capris, knee-length dress shorts, golf skirts/skorts or golf dresses. Jeans, jean cut-offs and workout shorts are not permitted on the golf course.

In inclement weather, both women and men are permitted to wear a lightweight vest, sweater or golf jacket for protection from rain or cold.


Chip Away at Boring Golf Team Uniforms With Customization

At Cisco, customization is held to the same strict standards as our manufacturing process. We are proficient in screen printing, tackle twill and embroidery, but sublimation is our specialty. Sublimation allows us to print whatever colors, pattern, numbering and/or lettering you want on your uniforms — without adding weight. With sublimation, we literally dye all the decoration directly into the fabric itself, with virtually no increase in bulk or weight. We make the most attractive, lightweight yet durable golf uniforms on the market today.

Stock Uniforms Are Our Ace in the Hole

Are you interested in a customized uniform but not sure you have the time or budget for completely custom-made garments? We stock high-quality golf shirts from many well-known manufacturers, including Holloway, Badger and Under Armour®, and we can customize them with your team logo and name.

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