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Pick Cisco for Custom Ultimate Frisbee Team Uniforms and Jerseys

Cisco Athletic manufactures high-quality, comfortable Ultimate Frisbee uniforms to your exact specifications. Our uniforms help players perform well while looking great. All garments are made and decorated by professionals right here in the U.S.

Ultimate Frisbee Jerseys and Uniforms That Make the Cut

The sleeve dimensions are the most important aspect of an Ultimate Frisbee jersey. When participating in Ultimate Frisbee, you need to have as much freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders as possible. Because the sport revolves around various throwing, catching and twisting actions, a constricting jersey could seriously inhibit a player’s performance in a game or practice. Jerseys with very broad sleeves are ideal for Ultimate Frisbee. At Cisco, we design short- and long-sleeved jerseys that ensure complete freedom in the arm and shoulder joint.

Our Ultimate Frisbee team uniforms are lightweight and breathable. This sport places surprisingly high physical demands on the body, and most players find themselves sweating very soon into the game. Sweating can create a feeling of being bogged down, making players unable to accomplish the precise throws that the game requires. Wearing a lightweight, temperature-regulating jersey from Cisco can greatly increase the level of play.

Loose-fitting uniforms facilitate the catching, jumping and diving that takes place during Ultimate Frisbee. A tight uniform can cause grass burns and scrapes when landing on the ground, while loose-fitting clothing helps to reduce abrasions by providing a pliable barrier between the body and the ground.

Customization That Reflects Your Spirit of the Game

Cisco excels in customization. While we regularly perform screen printing, tackle twill and embroidery, our specialty is sublimation, and it is this process that we recommend for Ultimate Frisbee garments. With this type of printing, you can custom-design a uniform completely — from jersey to shorts — that is lightweight, beautiful and wholly your own. After printing your colors, pattern, design, logo and team name on white cloth, we cut and sew your sublimated cloth into your custom uniform. Because your design is basically dyed into the cloth, no weight is added, and the printing never wears or peels.

Stock Uniforms

Cisco manufactures and delivers custom uniforms within two to four weeks, but if you need yours faster than that, you might want to think about ordering one of our stock products. We carry uniforms from a large list of vendors, including Under Armour®, and we customize our stock uniforms with your team colors, name and logo.

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