Baseball Pants

Cisco's custom baseball pants are professional quality pants at a price you can afford. Please browse the photographs below for a comprehensive view of many styles of our custom-made baseball pants. Buying new baseball pants is an easy way to improve your team's performance. When you look good you play well and with new custom made baseball pants from Cisco you will certainly look good.

Our customized baseball pants are far superior to any of the mass-produced products that you may have worn before. We offer a variety of durable yet comfortable fabrics and there are also a range of inseam and braid options available as well. We also offer a full range of colors in our baseball pants; not just white and grey.

Big & tall baseball pant sizes available

Have a question about custom-made baseball pants? Give us a call at (410) 325-4800 and we'll be glad to answer it for you. We can even lend you a sample or e-mail you a free mock-up of your baseball uniform so that you can see exactly how it would look.


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