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Here in Maryland, where Cisco Athletic is located, women’s lacrosse is a big deal. Division 1 colleges from all across the country come here looking for talent, which explains why the competition in high school leagues is so intense. The University of Maryland has won 10 national championships in women’s lacrosse. What’s the point of us telling you all this? The point is that we know how to play women’s lacrosse around here and we certainly know how to outfit women’s lacrosse teams!

At Cisco, we make custom women’s high school, AAU, and college lacrosse uniforms and jerseys that help your players look good and play their best. That’s why women’s lacrosse teams around the country rely on us for durable, beautiful and professionally decorated, custom-made uniforms.

Our custom women’s lacrosse team uniforms are available in several durable yet lightweight fabrics in many colors and patterns, in attractive styles, and in virtually every color combination possible. What style are you looking for? When you order uniforms from Cisco, you can choose from regular fit (in standard or reversible) or snug fit (in standard only). When you order our women’s lacrosse jerseys, you select your style; options include standard or reversible, as well as sleeveless, racerback, cap sleeve and stove sleeve.

How your uniforms are decorated says a lot about your team, too. Using state-of-the-art sublimation printing, Cisco adorns your garments with just about any design you can imagine, while keeping them lightweight for unrestricted movement. If you’re unsure about your design, we can even lend you a sample or email a mockup of your uniform so you can see exactly how it would look — before your order is manufactured.

Need an Assist?

The professionals at Cisco understand what you’re looking for in women’s custom lacrosse uniforms. If you have concerns or questions about the best styles, fit or decorating options, you can rely on us for assistance. Based on your level of play, budget and climate, we can recommend the fabric, style and decoration that best fit your needs. Please call us at (410) 325-4800 for advice. We’re always happy to help outfit another lacrosse team!

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