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A League of Their Own With Custom Women’s Soccer Uniforms

Are you interested in custom women’s soccer team uniforms that set your team apart from the competition? Cisco Athletic is a leading manufacturer of comfortable yet durable, custom soccer apparel that looks great and allows your players to move freely from one end of the field to the other. When it’s time for new team uniforms, come to Cisco for the finest quality, most beautifully decorated soccer uniforms available.

Why do so many teams purchase custom women’s soccer jerseys and uniforms from Cisco? Part of what makes our uniforms great is the quality of American-made construction. Another part is our unmatched capability in sublimation printing.

When it comes to women’s soccer uniforms, design is nearly as important as durability and style. Cisco specializes in the advanced method of sublimation printing. This process allows us to decorate your garments with any design and colors you want, while keeping them as lightweight as possible so your players move fast and freely. Instead of printing on top of the fabric, in sublimation, special inks are embedded into white fabric, which is then cut and sewn. Your uniforms are lightweight, do not itch, and display vibrant colors, numbers and lettering that does not wear off or peel.

Need an Assist?

The professionals at Cisco have decades of experience in the manufacture of women’s custom team soccer jerseys and uniforms. As experts in the field of soccer uniforms, we can guide you through our vast array of options so you get to your goal quickly. If you have any questions about fit, fabric, style or design, please do not hesitate to call us at (410) 325-4800 for advice.

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