Youth Track Uniforms

Track and field is an exciting sport for all ages, and it's important for all participants to have comfortable, top-quality uniforms to help them perform their best. Children are joining track teams at younger ages than ever before, creating an increased demand for custom youth track uniforms. Here at Cisco Athletic, we believe that kids should enjoy the same quality uniforms as older track enthusiasts, and that's why we offer the most performance-driven uniforms for your young track stars.

Cisco Athletic supplies thousands of uniforms to track and field clubs and school teams throughout the country, so we know what design features are most important to the performers and their coaches. We offer one- and two-piece custom youth track uniforms, made with the highest-quality lightweight fabrics to wick moisture away from the body and provide more range of motion.

Youth Track Jerseys and Tops

Track and field requires a number of jersey and top styles to suit a wide range of the sport's participants. Cisco Athletic offers all of the tops your team needs — from compression track garments (also known as speed suits) to loosely fit shirts, ideal for offering more range of motion. Our traditional-fit jerseys are made from the lightest, most comfortable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep track stars cool and fresh in all conditions. Each traditional-fit track jersey is made from scratch and customized to suit your team's color and design specifications.

Cisco Athletic speed suit tops fit tighter to the body and are made from a Lycra® fabric that increases blood circulation to certain muscles, slightly enhancing the performance of your young athletes. Each garment is sewed together with a custom Merrow® locked stitch that is as stretchy as the fabric itself. Speed suits are just as customizable as traditional jersey tops, but they're made from the industry's most advanced four-way fabrics. They're lightweight, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking to keep your team comfortable — even on the hottest summer days.

Youth Track and Field Shorts and Bottoms

We offer the most comfortable and stylish shorts and bottoms for your track and field team. Similar to speed suit tops, speed suit shorts are made from the most flexible four-way fabrics to provide compression as well as a full range of motion. They're available in a wide selection of fits and inseams, and can be customized to feature your team's specific graphics, colors or patterns.

However, we also offer traditional track and field shorts of varying lengths to suit each individual track and field activity. Whichever design and fit you choose, you can rest assured that your team will enjoy the most comfortable, durable and stylish track shorts in the industry. Every pair of shorts is made from scratch and customized to suit your team's specifications.

Consider In-Stock Track and Field Uniforms

Your made-from-scratch track and field uniforms will be shipped from Cisco Athletic within two to four weeks from the day you place your order. However, those who need their uniforms in a more timely manner can shop our huge selection of in-stock uniforms from brands like Under Amour®, Champion and Alleson Athletic. Each of these uniforms can be customized to feature your team name, logo and colors, so you're not forced to sacrifice your preferences for a faster turnaround.

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