No Sew-Sew Quality From Cisco

About Embroidery

If your order calls for embroidery, it will be done on our computerized Barudan Swiss embroidery equipment. In addition to our wide variety of stock lettering fonts and athletic logos, Cisco Athletic also processes our customers’ own embroidery designs. We use only the finest threads, backings and other embroidery supplies, regardless of cost. Before your order is completed, you can proof your embroidery designs via fax or email.

How It Works

Cisco generally uses embroidery for sewing team logos and names onto uniforms, caps, shirts, jackets and more. You select a stock design or let us reproduce your logo or personal artwork in thread. With embroidery, you have almost limitless options for creating your own designs, colors and textures.

We carefully select the thread to match your color, design and uniform style. Using a digitizing process, the design is transferred to our computerized embroidery machine, which accurately places each and every stitch of your design into your garment. Cisco’s expert digitizers are highly trained and experienced, and they inspect the final product thoroughly before folding and shipping.

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