Tackle Twill

Cisco Is the Champion of Tackle Twill

About Tackle Twill

Tackle twill is the process of sewing a sturdy twill onto a jersey, hat or other garment. The patch can be a team logo, player number or lettering. Cisco Athletic enjoys a well-earned national reputation for our quality tackle twill work, and this is why: We use only the finest, heavyweight twill available (the same twill used by Major League Baseball) and we sew our tackle twill the old-fashioned way — by hand and one at a time.

Extremely durable tackle twill stands up to a lot of abuse, but it is difficult to apply the right way. While many products on the market are cheap knockoff versions and many companies take shortcuts, Cisco uses high-quality twill that we hand sew to ensure that the borders remain perfect. It isn’t the easiest way, but it is absolutely the best way.

We can produce many designs and logos in tackle twill, and we can also hand cut your tackle twill in literally hundreds of athletic fonts, including our own Cisco script. You are somewhat limited by size because each area of a particular design must be large enough to stitch. Tackle twill can be done in multicolor, but each color adds weight.

How the Tackle Twill Process Works

Cutting tackle twill with a laser melts the edges as it cuts, which prevents them from fraying. All our tackle twill work (and some of our screen printing work) is produced on our state-of-the-art computerized laser cutting system. Laser cutting produces crisp, sharp edges on our tackle twill letters and designs, and it offers the ability to cut multiple layers, thus making it more affordable for the customer. When doing multiple-color work, the laser automatically separates the colors, which eliminates the “spacing” problem that occurs when attempting to do it by hand.

Hand sewing ensures that the sewing matches with the shape of the design or lettering. Machine sewing requires pre-programming the shape, and if it is not aligned perfectly at the beginning, the shape will be sewn offline, and you end up with an imperfect product.

The Pros and Cons of Tackle Twill


  • Extremely durable
  • Heavyweight “traditional” feel
  • Many colors and fonts


  • Very heavy
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Difficult to color match
  • Limited graphics
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