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Flag Football: A Sport For All Ages

Offering all the competitive fun and action of football without the constant tackling, flag football appeals to adults and kids alike. Players learn all the basics of the game, without putting their bodies on the line in the process.

At Cisco Athletic, we create and manufacture youth and adult flag football jerseys to outfit flag football players with quality gear while on the field. Our made-in-the-USA, sublimated flag football jerseys are very durable — even more durable than name-brand top-level options — and customizable.

Kick Off Your Season With Our Winning Customization

Are you looking for uniforms that amp up your players’ excitement? Cisco’s customization options allow you to create something very unique, flashy or specific to your team — from far-out color combinations and tie-dye jerseys to custom football team camo uniforms. All you will need to do is submit your own design and let us do the rest!

Sublimation is our specialty. We use this printing method to customize lightweight garments using any colors and any pattern, no matter how wild or imaginative. In sublimation, your design is applied to white fabric, which is then cut and sewn into your uniforms. Your team will love their lightweight, durable and uniquely styled football uniforms.

All of our decoration, lettering and numbering are done right here in our factory, and we hold these processes to the same strict standard as the uniforms themselves.

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We can outfit your community flag football team, youth league and intramural league in a manner similar to that of a structured football team. Cisco offers flag football uniforms that are as traditional or unique as you wish, and customized with colors and designs that go beyond the style boundaries of a high school or college team.

Our made-in-the-USA, sublimated flag football jerseys are very durable — even more durable than name-brand top-level options — and customizable. Here at Cisco Athletic, we are the maker of premium custom flag football jerseys and uniforms. 

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Flag Football Tips for Novice Players

When you’re new to the game of flag football, you’ll feel a step ahead of things when you follow some key tips:

  • Strategy is king. Flag football is all about strategy, so instead of just running toward the ball, work with your team members to establish a specific plan for wearing down the other team’s defense and making plays.
  • Try new techniques. Especially when you’re new to the game and season, have fun trying new ideas and seeing what works. Experiment with plays to see what is most successful, and keep learning from the process.
  • Practice throws. One crucial skill in flag football is the spiral throw. Practice this throw by holding the ball at the back, keeping your elbow near your body and the ball by your ear, and then throwing toward a target.
  • Learn how to pull the flag. Remember the goal of the game is to pull the flag, and keep that as a priority in your plays.

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