Football Jerseys

We can custom make a jersey for your professional team, your flag football team or your youth league team. We use the same quality fabrics no matter what your level of play. All jerseys are available in either belt length (worn out) or full length (tuck in). We can adjust the sleeve length on your jerseys and can even make most styles in a lineman's cut (sleeveless).

Football jerseys take a beating but we can sublimate, screen-print or tackletwill your jerseys to make sure that they look as good as they feel and stay that way. Most of the examples below can be done in any of the 3 lettering methods. Let us know your level of play and budget and we'll make a recommendation for you.

Have a question about football jerseys? Give us a call at (410) 325-4800 and we'll be glad to answer it for you. We can even lend you a sample or e-mail you a free mock-up of your uniform so that you can see exactly how it would look.

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