Men's Soccer Shorts

One of the interesting things about our men's soccer shorts is that they are constructed of the exact same material as the jerseys that they are worn with. How many times have you seen a soccer uniform where the short is constructed of a different fabric and the colors of the top and bottom don't quite match? Our men's uniforms are custom-made and the jerseys and shorts are sublimated at the same time so the feel and look of the jerseys and shorts is exact. We can adjust the inseam to any length you want, offer you a covered waistband with an inside drawstring and let you choose from many other available options. All for about the same price as one of the name brand uniforms. Since we're making these from scratch, we can also give you the color that you want. You don't have to choose from one of 6 or 8 "stock" colors.

Have a question about soccer uniforms? Give us a call at (410) 325-4800 and we'll be glad to answer it for you. We can even lend you a sample or e-mail you a free mock-up of your uniform so that you can see exactly how it would look.


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