Basketball Dribbling Practice Tips

July 17, 2018
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Basketball is a fast, frantic, and incredibly high-skilled game. In many ways, however, it is a very simple game too. You only need to master a few key attributes to become a good player, with dribbling and general ball control sitting at the top of the agenda.

A player that can handle the ball well to travel down the court or create space for a pass or shot will always have an edge on those that struggle with those fundamental skills. Here’s how you can bolster your skills in just four easy steps.

#1. Learn to Use Your Fingertips

As a newbie, it can be very tempting to use your palms. After all, keeping the ball towards the central region of the hand can make it feel as though you have more control. On the contrary, using the fingertips allows you to drive up the court, create open passing lanes, and move with greater speed. Using the palms will slow your stride and limit your directional options.

When combined with a hard dribble, which will get the ball back to your hand far quicker, your ball control and ability to evade opposing defenses should improve at a rapid rate.

#2. Move Towards the Basket

Getting to the basket, individually or by freeing up a teammate, is the aim of your dribble. Therefore, you want to move in straight lines towards the basket. This means that when you make a sideways ‘East-West’ move, you should look to regain the straight ’North-South’ line at the earliest stage.

Practice getting faster or using a longer stride where possible. You may lose the ball from time to time, but challenging yourself is the only way to learn new skills. This also rings true with regards to the fingertip work. Practice makes perfect.


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#3. Visualize

Basketball is a game where you live in the moment and need to react to the movements of teammates and opponents. Nonetheless, the ability to visualize where the dribble is going can make all the difference. Reading the game in the right manner will allow you to become more efficient with your dribbles both in terms of energy used and completion rates.

Likewise, when you know what you are planning to achieve, the handling should become second nature as you are less likely to confuse yourself. If nothing else, this should enable you to achieve things within one dribble rather than two. Most notably, it brings more layup chances.

#4. Unlock Your Comfort

It would be wildly inaccurate to suggest that wearing the right attire will suddenly turn you into Lebron James. Still, the best custom youth basketball uniforms and footwear can make you feel more comfortable on the court. In turn, this removes mental distractions and may provide a greater sense of freedom.

Find a way to make every movement from footwork to direct handling feel more natural. Your ball control and general dribbling skills should see a noticeable improvement in no time.

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