The Cisco Football Uniform Difference

April 10, 2018
custom football jersey

There are many factors that one should consider before investing in football uniforms. Cost is an important factor, as most educational institutions operate on a limited budget. Time delay is yet another factor to consider, as some companies take longer to provide ready-made uniforms than others. Schools and clubs that need uniforms with special features will also need to make sure that the company they choose is able to handle special requests. We have compiled a few key points to consider when choosing to purchase football jerseys for your team this season.

Quality Control

The most important factor to consider is quality. High quality uniforms are the best bargain in the long run, because they will endure longer, without needing continuous repairs. High quality uniforms also boost sports players’ self-esteem which, in turn, will enhance their performance on the field.

Cisco Athletic manufactures quality custom football uniforms for high school, college and professional teams, as well as custom youth and flag football team uniforms that get kids excited about playing. Every football uniform we sell is made from scratch and printed right here in our factory. We don’t sell cheap uniforms; in fact, we use many of the same fabrics that are used for major college team and even NFL uniforms. Our football uniforms are made to last. We can sublimate, screen print, embroider or tackle twill your uniforms in a timely, professional manner.

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American Made and Fast Turnaround Time

While it is not difficult to purchase a cheap uniform from overseas, those who want high quality, custom made football uniforms will find that buying them in the United States is the best option. Cisco Athletic specializes in creating top of the line, fully customized football uniforms capable of meeting any buyer’s needs. With Cisco Athletic, you obtain superior sports uniforms where both the materials and workmanship are done in the United States (Baltimore, MD to be more exact). This ensures that the quality level is high and the order is processed and shipped in a timely manner.

Our Design Process

As a rule, all of Cisco’s uniforms are made using cover-stitched seams, heavyweight nylon fabrics and trims, Lycra pants pockets and generous cuts. High quality materials are combined with the expertise of trained individuals using the finest machines to create uniforms that are superior in every way. Unlike many of our competitors that hire unskilled and untrained laborers, Cisco hires only capable individuals and provides whatever training they require to ensure the final product is as close to perfect as possible.

Cisco also offers a wide range of customization options that many competitors simply cannot provide. At Cisco, we can easily sublimate, screen print or embroider any size or type of uniform quickly and efficiently. The company can also provide Jacquard trims, two different jersey length options, various sleeve and waistband options and sizes ranging from XL to XXXXXL. Because Cisco is based in the United States, we can provide faster modifications than companies that are based in other countries.

A school football uniform is more than a set of clothing that is worn while playing a sport. It helps to define the player and reflects either positively or negatively on a player’s team. Any school that cares about its sports team will want to ensure that the uniforms being used are well made, high quality, and able to hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

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