Custom Sublimated Phys Ed & Gym Uniforms Made in USA

October 11, 2013

Durable, attractive American-made custom gym uniforms and physical education attire is available from Cisco Athletics. A far cry from the utilitarian gym clothes of yesterday, these rugged yet stylish articles of sports attire will facilitate enthusiastic play and sports training while your participants are wearing this comfortable attire in the phys. ed. and gym class settings.

CISCO is a leader in the production of sportsware for use in the phys. ed. and gym-class world. Knowledgeable representatives of Cisco are available to offer you a free consultation and to give you and your P.E. Program a free quote for all of your custom sports uniforms based on your participants’ and your program’s needs.
A trained and informative Cisco representative can meet your sports clothing needs with custom American-made physical education uniforms. That Cisco sales specialist will be familiar with all of the available selections to enable your P.E. program to “dress out” in style. Comfortably fitting attire will enhance your sports program and will put all of your participants on an “even playing field” as far as the quality and style of the clothes they are required to wear. In its capacity as a uniform and gear supplier, Cisco makes a comprehensive quality offering available in all sizes, colors and designs chosen to please everyone wearing them as part of the program.

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Cisco’s line of gym uniforms, physical education clothing and sports gear are all American-made and manufactured to the same high standards as our more traditional corporate-style company uniforms. Our gym shorts can be made in any inseam length to meet the needs of your participants and are available with a variety of options. All of our high-qualitygym uniforms are also manufactured in a range of fabric choices.


A comprehensive assortment of Cisco products, including every type of gym clothes imaginable can be found in Cisco’s catalog, including a top selection of the following items:

--T-shirt and 4 piece athletic shorts with elastic waistband and inside drawstring comes with standard 6" inseam. Additional inseam length also available. Shown with optional screen-print.

--Reversible 1/4 Sleeve Jersey

--2-ply, round neck jersey with joined sleeves and serged bottom. Taped neck to match darker color of shirt unless specified otherwise. Unisex cut.

Cisco takes pride in providing custom made top quality athletic uniforms targeted to the specific requirements provided by our customers in their unique orders. Any customers having ordering or merchandise questions are encouraged to contact Cisco at its Baltimore, Maryland-based customer service division to obtain thorough answers to any inquiries.

Cisco provides standard Standard features on all of their Phys. Ed. Uniforms and gym shorts:

  • Generous, athletic cuts.
  • All shorts have elastic waists with inside drawstring.
  • Reversible mesh shirts.
  • Adult sizes up to XXXXXL.
  • Youth sizes available.
  • Mesh shorts are 2-ply or lined.


Cisco also offers the following optional features on all Phys. Ed. Uniforms and P.E. shorts, which can be specified for inclusion with any order:

  • Variety of athletic fabrics and colors.
  • Customized inseam lengths.
  • Side and rear pockets available.
  • Variety of trim, braid and soutache options.
  • Professional screen-printing, embroidery and tackletwill available.

...and much more!

Cisco is pleased to announce that along with their own custom-made top quality athletic uniforms they are also proud to offer a complete inventory of Under Armour stock uniforms and accessory items. In addition to Cisco’s own complete line of sports products, this additional Under Armour offering includes

Stock uniforms

  • Coaches gear
  • Socks
  • Sweatclothing
  • Moisture wicking tees
  • Moisture wicking polo shirts
  • Warm-Ups
  • And much more

Through Cisco’s diverse and excellent stock of sports uniforms and gear specifically targeted to outfitting Phys. Ed. and gym class programs, a decision to look to Cisco for all sports uniform outfitting is a sound decision. From Cisco, customers will receive exceptional quality merchandise and outstanding customer support for all sports attire needs.



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