Exercises to Get You Ready for Soccer Season

January 04, 2019
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Just because it's not currently soccer season, it doesn't mean that you can't do as much as possible to stay in shape and maintain your skills. As you're waiting for the new soccer season to start, you can do a variety of exercises to stay on top of your game and get ready for the next season. You can work on different areas of your fitness and different skills to prepare yourself and make sure that you're well-rounded for when the season arrives. Take a look at these exercises that you can do to get ready for soccer season so you can impress with your skills and fitness.

Work on Your Cardio

Every soccer player needs to have good cardio fitness. If you're getting ready for the next soccer season, you should focus on cardio activities that will help you to keep up your general fitness. You might go for a daily run or maybe go for a bike ride. Of course, you could also take care of cardio by playing soccer if you can find somewhere to do it and perhaps some people to play with. Many people choose to play indoor soccer or futsal during the off-season to keep up their cardio fitness and other skills.


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Weight Training

You also need to have great strength and stamina if you want to perform well on the soccer field. Your lower body muscles, in particular, need to be strong and ready to carry you through a match. You can do lots of things to work on your lower body strength so that you're prepared for running, jumping and other moves. However, don't forget to work on your upper body strength too. You need a strong core to give you the power that you need to sprint and perform other explosive moves whenever it's required of you.


Plyometrics are often used in soccer training programs because they help to develop some of the most essential skills. It is also sometimes called jump training, and it helps to improve explosive power and increase leg strength, as well as giving you a good cardio workout. Plyometrics can involve things like doing explosive pushups by pushing off your hands as hard as you can. You can do explosive jumps like jump squats and box jumps to train your lower body too. These exercises should help to develop some key skills that you need to be a successful soccer player.

Practice with a Ball

Although you need to work on your general fitness for the new soccer season, don't forget to do some work with a ball too. You don't need to be training with anyone else to get the benefit of practicing with a ball. You can do various exercises to work on your footwork, ball control and other skills that will help you out when it's time to get back out on the field.

Prepare for the upcoming soccer season by carrying out a range of exercises that help you to work on different skills and types of fitness.

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