Funny Football Pregame Rituals

July 03, 2018
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When you’re thinking about choosing custom football uniforms for your team, you might want to consider the crazy “good luck” rituals many NFL players have been known to practice. Many players swear by these rituals and some have even suggested that their lucky charm was the reason they won particular games. What do these good luck rituals involve? You might be surprised.

Hit Me!

Football is, as you are probably aware, a rough game. When someone hits you in a full-on charge and is hundreds of pounds of muscle on a massive frame, it is going to hurt regardless of the padding. It’s no surprise then that some players psych themselves up before a game. Take John Henderson for instance. The man is well over six foot and weighs 350 pounds. His method for getting himself ready for a game was to ask a team assistant to hit him as hard as he could.

The hit was a full slap across the face, and you have to admire the man who was willing to do it! After all, the natural fight or flight reaction to being hit is to hit back. So, either Henderson has excellent self-control or the trainer learned to duck very quickly.

Slow Ride, Take It Easy

You’ll be glad to hear that not all lucky charms and rituals are quite as drastic as Henderson’s. Take Brian Urlacher for instance. He has a very chill method for getting ready for a game. The Bear’s linebacker likes to watch his favorite fishing show on TV in the morning, listen to music at the stadium and finishes off with a pregame snack of two chocolate chip cookies.

It sounds like Urlacher discovered the benefits of serenity for winning at sports.


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Good Food = Great Game

Apparently, eating right can win you a game. We don’t mean eating healthy either. Luke Kuechly is well known amongst NFL fans, but you might not realize that he believes his success is due to eating at a local chicken restaurant, The Roasting Company. Supposedly this ensures the Panthers win and it seems to be true because once he didn’t eat there and they lost one of their regular season games. We doubt he’ll ever make that mistake again.

From Viral to Spiral

Here, we know the importance of a great football uniform, but one thing we’d never considered is what you wear before the game. According to reports, Cam Newton believes that might be just as important as the team uniform. Newton is well known for his fashion choices, wearing golden pleats during a Super Bowl 50 warmup. According to Newton, looking good ensures that he plays great, so he chooses what he wears before games very carefully. Judging by Newton’s amazing record, it might be worth doing the same.

Get Your Madden On

Finally, who says playing video games is a waste of time? According to Emmanuel Sanders, Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos, this isn’t true at all. In fact, he will regularly play a game of Madden and beat whichever team he is playing against before the game begins. The virtual psych up seems to work very well for him.

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