Lacrosse Player Conditioning Drills

February 20, 2018
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Lacrosse is about speed, agility and bursts of power. This means that to get the best out of your play, you need to get your workout regime to include all of these things for your team to improve.

Here are a few great conditioning drills you can use and each one will encourage the team to watch and react as well as refine their skills.

Box Variations

Set out a few cones to make boxes. The aim of each drill is to improve agility as well as marksmanship.

Corner to Corner

Each player takes it in turns to go around the box from corner to corner. You can do this as a simple sprint challenge or you can mix it up by incorporating backpedals and shuffles. This exercise is about footwork and speed so watch everyone for tips on how to improve yourself.

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Mirror Image

Add another two cones to create two equally sized adjoining boxes. Now two players must move around the box following the same pattern but as a mirror image. You can map any movements you like but to make it harder, only tell one player what the routine is.


These exercises are about speed and power; race against each other and the clock.


Set out your start line and sprint to the finish line.


Set out cones in a T-shape. Speed to the top center cone, sprint to the left, then across to the right.


Pile up some weights with the heaviest at the bottom. Sprint to the finish line with the lightest weight, set it down and then return for each weight one at a time.


If there is one movement that is the most important for power and speed, it is the squat. There are so many different squat drills you could do and they are quite easy to design yourself, but here are a few ideas.

Air Squats

The simplest squat to do: just set your feet at the same width as your hips and get squatting.

Speed Squats

Using the same motion as the air squat, speed up the process by bouncing your feet out a few inches as you sink into the squat. Explode out of the squat and bring your feet back to their original position.


Sink into your squat then put your hands down to make a plank. Jump your feet back, push up with your hands and reach for the stars. This is a fast exercise and you shouldn’t be in the plank for more than a second.

Alternative Exercises

Tug of War

Divide into two teams and make the central point of the rope. The aim is to get the central point over a given line and the winning team gets there first.


The pool is ideal for sprint races and relays. Divide the team and stand either side of the pool. One group dives in and swims to the other side. The other group helps them out and does the sprint themselves.

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