Pre-Season Running Training Tips

August 08, 2018
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If you want an excellent cross-country or track season this upcoming season, it is essential that you read this article and consider some of the pre-season training tips below. Not only will these ideas help you to achieve your goals this year, but they should also assist you in maintaining long-term development that will benefit you in the future. Those who use the running tips from this article should have no issue earning the right to wear their high school’s track and field uniforms with pride.

Never Try a Cold Start

One of the biggest mistakes high school runners make is failing to warm-up property before they engage in their races. That doesn’t just mean stretching before you get into position. It also means remaining as active as possible during the time spent away from the race track. So, before the season begins, make sure you don’t sit around at home playing video games for weeks.

It’s vital that you remain as active as possible to ensure your body is ready to take the strain. Excellent ideas for remaining active during that time include swimming, bike rides, climbing, or even a light jog in the neighborhood.


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Wear the Right Footwear

Let’s talk about injuries for a moment. Nothing is worse than sustaining one of those just as the running season is about to start. If that happens, you will ruin your chances of success on the track, and waste a lot of time. So, ensure you invest in the most suitable running shoes for the types of training and track events you will be performing.

Make sure you change your footwear when moving from one kind of running event to another. For example, you should wear running flats or spikes for a 10K race, and so you will need to change out of your training shoes. Failure to do that could mean you sustain an injury that puts you out of action for months.

Build Up Your Long Run Volume

The best way to ensure distance runners get results is to build their weekly volume slowly. Let’s presume you run 20K per week pre-season. You should aim to increase that distance to 22K in the second week. You can then boost it again to 25K in the third week.

You get the idea, right? It’s vital that you take baby steps because increasing the distance you run too quickly could result in an injury. Whatever happens, remember that distance runners do not need to achieve the same speeds as those in 100m races. However, at the same time; you don’t want to move too slowly either.

Those training tips should help high school runners to improve their pre-season training programs and become the best athletes possible. The coach at your school is not going to hesitate to hand over those track and field uniforms to people who use this advice and turn themselves into the best runners around today.

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