Tips on How to Throw the Perfect Spiral

July 10, 2018
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Everyone knows the most sought after and prestigious position in football. It’s quarterback, and there’s no close runner-up. If you are a quarterback, then you are, without a doubt, the star of the football field. However, claiming this position isn’t easy. To even have a hope of being considered you must be able to throw the ball. Of course, it’s not just about throwing it. It’s about getting that ideal line with the ultimate spiral. The right spiral can look like nothing short of poetry in motion, but how do you achieve it?

Killing Those Bad Habits

If you are struggling to throw a ball with the perfect spiral, it’s probably because you have carried some bad habits from childhood. It’s true, habits that you have in childhood can carry into your teens and finally adulthood unless they are course corrected. So, what are those nasty habits?

It might be that you started when you were too young and were using a ball that was far too large for your hands. Due to this, you might move your thumb to get the maximum grip. Unless you move the thumb and are taught where it needs to go, you’ll let the ball fly like a wounded duck.

Ultimately, with a throw like this, there is little chance of reception by an offensive receiver.

The Right Finger Thumb Placement

Once you have corrected the bad habit, you need to get the finger-thumb placement correct for the perfect throw. Your thumb and middle finger should be on the white ring, virtually even. Your smaller fingers hold the seams, using your index for maintaining stability. You’ll need to practice making this placement because it can be difficult to quickly put your fingers in the right position, during a heated match. However, in time, it will occur like a force of habit.


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Moving Your Body

If you master the placement, the next part is about getting your body to move the right way. This begins with the proper form. You need to be slightly angled towards the defense with your front shoulder and foot in front. You need to face the point that you want the ball to reach and angle your body to that point.

After finding the correct position, the toughest part is mastering the release. Your hand must remain on the outside of the ball. Rotate your thumb towards the thigh away from the ball, and if done correctly, your index finger should be the last part touching the ball when it’s released.

Practice Makes Perfect

Throwing the perfect spiral isn’t something that will come naturally to most players. It will take time and effort, but if you get the right-hand placement and body movement paired with the perfect release, you will have a stunning spiral. Remember though, Michael Jordan once said that practicing throwing the ball eight hours a day with the wrong technique will only make you good at throwing it the wrong way. We’re mixing sports of course, but you get the point.

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