Traits of an Awesome Basketball Coach

October 09, 2018
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Every team needs a great coach to succeed. Without an awesome basketball coach taking the lead and running the plays, a team will stutter, falter and fail. The best basketball coach can elevate the game and indeed the players to new heights bringing everything necessary for everyone to succeed. Of course, to do this a basketball coach needs to have the right traits. Here are four traits to internalize when you are trying to be the best coach you can be for your team.

Great at Strategy

As already mentioned, a basketball coach will always be at the forefront of what’s happening on the court. This means that they need to plan and strategize to find the best ways to win the game and score the most points. There are various different strategies coaches can consider, but most would do well do Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). KISS is an effective strategy because it ensures that people aren’t overthinking plays or designing a system that is too complex to actually work effectively.

Alternatively, a coach might want to embrace a classic strategy such as the ‘give the ball to Michael’ solution. Ultimately, this is about putting the focus on one player after clearing the court of the opposition providing them a clear view to make the point.


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Practice Makes Perfect

Remember, it’s not just about what a coach can offer on the court. It’s about what they do off it, outside of a game. They need to know how to get the most from practice sessions for their team. The ‘compete to learn’ method is commonly considered one of the most effective options for running a practice. Competitive drills allow players to move forward into real games. Of course, a coach needs to help both the individual and the team overall perform effectively.

Openly Communicating

You need to make sure that as a coach you are a shoulder your team can lean on. Your team should be able to come to you with issues without feeling the pressure of needing to win every game. Remember, basketball isn’t about a constant drive to win, it’s about having fun. This should always be the main focus when you are working as a coach. You also need to make sure that you can talk and engage with your team on their level as individuals. A great coach will always focus on the positive aspects of a player’s performance while providing key, useful constructive advice on how they can improve.

Respecting the Players

Last but not least, a great coach will respect their players. They won’t see them as tools that they can use to win a championship but rather individuals who deserve praise, encouragement, and support. This is what being a great coach is all about. You can run the greatest plays ever conceived, but if you don’t have the sportsmanship quality that ensures you always treat your players the right way you aren’t going to get very far. Remember, if you don’t show them respect, you won’t have theirs either.

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