What Is Futsal?

December 11, 2018
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Soccer, or football as it’s called in other parts of the world, is one of the most popular sports around. It garners millions of fans and in England alone, there are roughly 40,000 different clubs that play across 24 different tiers. It’s arguably one of the most famous and played sports in the entire world, but there’s a new variant that has been steadily growing in popularity; Futsal.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is essentially a stripped-down version of soccer that is played with five players on each team. Each team has a single goalkeeper and there are a couple of different rules that make it very different from the regular game. It’s not the same as regular indoor soccer and a lot of big names have been playing futsal because at it’s essentially made for showing off.

Since there are fewer players in a fast-paced environment, futsal is an excellent sport to show off an individual’s skills. The pitch is smaller and the baller is lighter, making it essential to have good ball control skills so that you can outplay opponents rather than beating them with strategy. There are fewer members as well, which means that individual skill takes precedence over a formation and tactics.

It’s an excellent way to play soccer indoors with fewer players and with the more relaxed rules, you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about following strict rules that the professionals follow.


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What Makes It Different from Regular Soccer?

Here are a couple of the biggest changes from regular soccer:

  • The court is much smaller – 40x20m (800 square meters)
  • Each half of the game is twenty minutes and the time stops for every dead ball
  • Substitutes are unlimited
  • There are no throw-ins. Instead, the players kick the ball back into the court instead
  • There is no offside rule, meaning you can pass and play very aggressively compared to regular soccer
  • Goalkeepers have to get rid of the ball almost immediately once they’re in possession and they cannot touch the ball again unless it has gone out or the opponents have possession
  • Futsal shoes are made with rubber soles to allow comfortable play on the harder surface

These changes in the rules allow for much faster play and also more individual skill to affect the outcome of the game. The lack of an offside rule also allows for very aggressive play where forward passes and positioning become very important.

How Does Futsal Compare?

Soccer typically requires a lot of setup including several referees, players and a lot of strategies. This is generally fine in an organized environment, but futsal is an easier-to-play version of soccer that requires fewer people and is ultimately more casual despite becoming a growing sport.

It’s definitely something we can recommend especially if you’re interested in soccer but want a more relaxed and enjoyable version that can be played in less time. It’s the perfect introduction to soccer, but can also be used to practice your individual skill for when you play in a full-sized match on a larger field next season.

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