What Protective Gear Do Lacrosse Players Need?

January 16, 2018
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Lacrosse is a game that is quickly becoming increasingly popular across the US, with more and more teenagers and young people choosing to sign up to play in leagues or for their school team. The reason that lacrosse is such a popular sport is because it’s fast-paced, fun and exciting. Of course, with such a fast-paced game and the fact that lacrosse sticks and a hard rubber ball are used, every now and then injuries are sure to occur, like in any sport.

The good news is that there are ways that lacrosse players can keep themselves safe while out on the field. It’s just a case of being willing to invest in the right safety equipment, that’s all.

Wondering why lacrosse safety is so important? Although men’s lacrosse is a lot more physical than women’s lacrosse, both forms of the game come with various injury risks, these stem from players colliding, accidentally being hit with sticks, or ending up on the ground. The fact is that lacrosse injuries are often minor, but sometimes they can be a lot more serious, including broken bones, damaged eyes, chipped teeth, or split and bleeding skin.

With the fact that serious injuries can occur in mind, below is a guide to the protective gear that lacrosse players should wear.


Men’s lacrosse players are required to wear a helmet when they play, while female lacrosse players are not. However, female lacrosse players are able to wear a soft helmet when playing to offer them a little extra protection. That way, should a player get hit on the head by a stick or the ball, or fall over and hit their head, they have protection from injury.


Women’s lacrosse teams are required to wear protective goggles when playing, to ensure that their eyes are protected from any accidents. There are two types of goggles to choose from, metal cage goggles or plastic ones - metal goggles tend to provide better protection, while plastic goggles offer better visibility.

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Mouth Guards:

For protecting the teeth, lips, cheek, and tongue, mouth guards are a must-have item for any lacrosse player. Some of the most serious lacrosse injuries are mouth and face injuries, which is why mouth guards must be worn at all times by players.


Lacrosse gloves are designed to protect the fingers, hands, and wrists from damage caused by the sticks or ball during gameplay. The fact is that a stick or ball to the hand can easily cause a broken bone, which is why strong but durable gloves are recommended for all lacrosse players.

Pads for shoulders and elbows

To help protect the arms and the upper body, shoulder and elbow pads are always required in men’s lacrosse, but rarely in women’s lacrosse. However, the person who is in goal always is required to wear a fully padded body suit, to prevent them from being injured by fast-paced shots into the goal.

Supportive Cup

For men, a cup is a must-have safety item. Sticks and balls fly everywhere during matches, which is why it is so important that men have a strong and protective cup to wear.

There you have it, a guide to the protective gear that all lacrosse players should be wearing.

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