Wrestling Move Tips for the Beginner

October 16, 2018
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Youth wrestling is an incredibly beneficial sport to take up. It teaches you how to remain disciplined, and a lot of the techniques and movements involved will translate well into other sports too.

If you’re just starting out in the youth wrestling world, then there are two things to do. First, make sure you have high-quality wrestling singlets or doublets, so you feel comfortable at all times. Secondly, you have to learn a few of the most common and basic beginner youth wrestling moves. Bearing that in mind, here are some moves you should consider:

A Shoot

In the world of youth wrestling, a shoot is the building block of almost every move. This is how you close the gap on your opponents and move in for an offensive move. To do this, you need to focus on dropping your stance, so you’re closer to the floor and lower than your opponent. Then, you drive forward with your lead leg, dropping the knee to the mat, and following through with the rear leg - almost like a lunge. With that leg, you push your knee between your opponent's legs, closing the distance and getting in the perfect position to perform a takedown.


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Single-Leg Takedown

This move is perfect for anyone that’s facing a tough defensive opponent. The idea here is to shoot at your opponent but focus on attacking one leg. Realistically, the best leg to aim for is their lead leg, purely because it’s easier to get to and there’s a higher chance of this move succeeding. When you make your move, it’s vital that you plan your inside hand right next to their foot. Then, with the other hand, you grab their ankle and stand up sharply. This helps tip your opponent off balance as you’ve essentially lifted their lead leg up in the air. From here, you can trip them up and secure some points for a successful takedown.

Double-Leg Takedown

A double-leg takedown is wrestling 101. If you’re a coach, then this is probably one of the first moves you need to teach your students. In principle, it’s incredibly simple to do. Firstly, the movement starts by shooting into your opponent. As you do this, make sure you get a firm grip on their legs. The best place to plant your grip is around the knees, and you should keep your head level with their hips. Now, you’ve got a couple of options in how you perform the takedown. The conventional way is to keep driving forward with your legs and pulling their legs close to your body, which will up-end them onto the mat. The other way is to drive forward while standing up and lifting their legs off the ground, causing them to fall backward. Either way, you’ve secured points for a takedown.

If you’re a beginner wrestler or a coach that's training some beginners, these are the three moves to focus on first. To maximize your wrestling experience, it pays to have the right clothing. Here at Cisco Athletic, we provide premium-quality wrestling singlets, doublets and wrestling accessories in a variety of designs and sizes.

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