Benefits of Youth Wrestling

October 25, 2017

As a parent, you might find that your kid is eager to explore the world of youth wrestling. A youth wrestling program can benefit children as it can help teach discipline, self-confidence and inner strength to overcome obstacles.

Finding Inner Strength

While not physically dangerous when practiced correctly, wrestling can still be a grueling sport that requires physical stamina, endurance and the ability to keep fighting even in a difficult situation. Kids learn in wrestling that they can withstand a hold and even escape it if they continue on. As such, wrestling teaches children not to give up and to remain calm, even in difficult situations. Wrestling can make children both physically and mentally stronger. It provides them with the courage and confidence to conquer adversity.

Team Building

Many people think of wrestling as a sport for individuals. However, during training and practice wrestling does involve a lot of team building activities, a crucial skill that kids will need all the way through their school and adult life.


If you want to succeed at wrestling, if you want to win, you have to be disciplined. You need to make sure you are following a routine to keep your body fit and providing yourself with the energy that you need to perform. It involves keeping to a strict diet and avoiding unhealthy junk food. As such, it teaches kids to look after their body and themselves, as well as ensuring that they learn the importance of following the rules. Not just in the ring but out of the ring as well.

A Sport For Anyone

For most sports, physical power is the key to winning. That’s not true for wrestling. With the right exercise routine, a scrawny small kid can come out victorious against a massive teen with bulging muscles. Kids who don’t grow facial hair when they reach 14 and sprout chest muscles at 16 might feel odd and different, particularly when they are not chosen for a sports team. Wrestling gives them a place where they can compete athletically and where they do have the potential to win.


In wrestling, your child will learn what it means to be on a team and understand the values of sportsmanship. Wrestling isn’t just about winning, it’s about respecting your opponent and a key part of the guidelines for wrestling include not putting your opponent in danger or intentionally hurting them. This separates it from most other contact sports where hurting another player may not be encouraged but is accepted.

Safe And Fun

Some sports, like football, can be dangerous. Football can lead to severe injuries, even at an early age with heads crashing together. Wrestling, under the guidance of a skilled coach, is safe and a lot of fun. Your kid might love how it feels to conquer an opponent using their skill and their training, rather than just their brawn.

We hope you see now there are lots of reasons why youth wrestling could be a great choice for your child. It teaches kids the importance of hard work, is fantastic fun and toughens them up for life after school. 

Have You Heard About the Recent Uniform Policy Change?

A new policy change will allow high school students competing in wrestling to wear a new type of uniform called a "doublet." An alternate uniform that is two pieces and consisting of compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling and a compression shirt that is form fitted has now been approved for 2017 and 2018. Read about it here!

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