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November 21, 2017
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When you think about some of the biggest sports in the country, there are several major players that tend to come to mind – football, basketball, baseball, and hockey are just a few. But what about wrestling? While this sport may not get as much national attention, wrestling is just as influential when it comes to teaching our youth valuable life lessons through the world of sports.

Have you ever stopped for just a minute and thought about wrestling? What is involved? What can our children learn through the process? Following are just a few of the benefits of youth wrestling.

Every Child Gets to Participate

In team sports, one of the realities that athletes must face is that not everyone always gets to play. Sometimes only the best players on the team get to participate in the game, and sometimes there simply isn’t enough time for everyone to get a chance. However, this is not the case in wrestling.

Since wrestling is an individual sport, each athlete can participate in the wrestling match. Additionally, wrestlers are grouped by age and weight, so children are able to face competitors that are comparable to them in many ways. More participation, means more experience, which means more confidence on the wrestling mat.

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Wrestlers Learn About Self-Reliance

Athletes who participate in group sports like football and basketball are taught that they win and lose as a team. While this is an important life lesson when it comes to learning how to work with others, wrestling is able to teach youth about self-reliance. If you lose a wrestling match, there is no one else to blame. Wrestlers are responsible for all of their actions and moves while on the mat.

If you make smart decisions and strong moves, you can win the match. If you fail to make smart decisions and strong moves, you can easily lose the match. Youth who participate in wrestling quickly learn that they are personally responsible their successes and failures.

Discipline is Developed in Wrestling

To succeed in wrestling, athletes have to be disciplined in all aspects of preparation. Wrestlers must show up to practices, ready and willing to put in the hard work. These athletes must watch what they eat, since weight will determine how they are grouped for wrestling matches. Sometimes they have to put in the effort to gain weight, and other times they may need to work to lose a few pounds. Wrestlers also have to get mentally prepared, since critical thinking on the mat is just as important as knowing how to execute the moves.

Lacking discipline in any of these areas can impact overall performance, so wrestlers must learn how to stay on track all the time, not just when it’s time for a wrestling match.

Wrestlers Learn to Respect Others

Another big theme that is seen in the wrestling world is respecting the opponents. Wrestlers will often compete against the same individuals several times throughout a season. In this time, they will get to know each other as both competitors and individuals. At many wrestling matches, the athletes will be seen cheering on others. Athletes also come to realize that everyone there is putting in the same work and making the same sacrifices to be successful, so an emphasis is placed on respecting all competitors.

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