What is the Best Age to Start Your Kids in a Youth Wrestling Program?

October 26, 2017
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You might have your own ideas on the best age for kids to start wrestling. But generally, experts suggest that kids can start wrestling at around four or five. You’re probably thinking that seems quite young but not with a youth wrestling program. With a youth wrestling program, kids are under the watchful eye of a skilled coach, and they can learn the skills they need to get their opponent down without ever actually being in physical danger.

Why Start Early?

At an early age, a child’s mind is like a sponge. They can absorb a lot of information, and as such, they will quickly pick up all the rules and fundamentals involved in youth wrestling. This includes learning to respect your opponent and ensuring that they don’t take any action that could physically hurt them. Remember, wrestling isn’t about pain or brute strength, particularly at a young age. It’s about tactical maneuvers to get your opponent on the ground as quickly as possible. By learning the basics early, kids can quickly develop their skill in wrestling and it will be far more enjoyable.

Teaching Them About Fitness

It’s important to keep kids fit from an early age through any sports activity, but wrestling is a fantastic option. With wrestling, it’s possible for kids to not only enjoy the physical activity but develop through it and learn emotional maturity. Wrestling is a highly-respected sport and to succeed it is important to follow the rules. By learning early, kids will understand the importance of these rules and ensure that they are aware of their place in the ring. In addition, it can boost the development of hand-eye coordination and improve muscle strength.

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What About Middle School?

Some kids will start wrestling in middle school and join a youth wrestling program, but this can be tough for them. Since a number of kids begin wrestling and learning the moves at a much earlier age, they will already be at a disadvantage. The benefit is that young middle school students already have the emotional maturity needed to succeed in wrestling, they won’t need to learn. But at the same time, while other kids are trying complex moves and taking tougher opponents, they will first need to learn the basics others mastered through youth wrestling at 4 or 5.

Health Benefits

It was once believed that sports such as wrestling were dangerous for children and could damage their potential to grow. We now know that’s not true and actually, it’s the opposite. By engaging in sports like youth wrestling and joining programs, kids can improve their strength and flexibility. There are no dangers to their health as long as they are properly supervised. This is why it’s a smart decision to enroll them in a youth wrestling program so they can train under the guidance of an expert.

We hope you find this advice helpful when choosing when to enroll your child in a youth wrestling program. An earlier start could provide them with a great advantage later on. 

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